Club details
Contact: Björn Stabo tel: 070-223 67 32
Address: Kungsgatan 30 B in Söderhamn. At the top of the same house as SUIF-table-tennis.
Bankgiro  5683-6406

Board of Directors:
Chair. Björn Stabo
Treasurer: Paul Bergman 070-622 38 66
Commissioner: Mats Westlund 070-296 97 00
Commissioner: Calle Helsing 070-580 62 47
Commissioner: Jörgen Blomman 070-242 94 09
Commissioner: Frederick L’Estrade 070-275 46 59

Newbie: 600: – first term. Then 600: – / term.
Exercisers (Sunday workout): 600: – / term
Several siblings there will be a discount! Siblings two pay 400: – and siblings three or more pays 200: – per child per term.

Judo suits
Judo Suits we take home to order. For example costs 130 cl size right now 500 – while 160 cl costs 620: -.

18:00  Randori and physical sessions with Björn Stabo – coach

18:00 to 19:30Novice and technique training Children, Calle coach

18.00 to 19.00 Throwing-practise on crashmat. Björn Stabo coach

18:00 to 19:10 Beginners children, Björn Stabo coach
19:10 to 20:45 Randori –  Björn Stabo coach

18:00 to 19:30 Adult Group / Exercise Mats Westlund coach

Try judo few times free!
As a beginner – from eight years – try it a few times free!
No registration required, just come Mondays 18:00.
Coach: Björn Stabo


Newaza Sunday 18:00 to 19:30
Athletes are training Sundays 19:00 to 8:30 p.m. with qualified Mats Westlund as coach. It is senior training with a focus on so-called newaza – kneeling mat wrestling – and strength for all of about 15 years.

About Söderhamns judo club
Söderhamns judo club
Söderhamns judo club was founded in 1979 and currently has position about 100 members – most of them young people aged 9-15 years.

Twenty-one active has so far taken the black belt and over a hundred Championship medals and several international medals is conquered.

Today, conducted trainings for both children and adults – beginners and elite – with trained coaches who lead different types of trainings.
Each exercise has its own character, and a strong focus. There are trainings for children who want to play, exercise and have fun. For those children who want to race a lot and have as much fun, there are also trainings.

Adults can train and compete at their level. For some years, we can also
offer trainings for adults exercisers. Training is a comprehensive
exercise where you learn the basics of judo.

The club’s history
1977 began some gentlemen from Söderhamn go to Hudiksvall JK
learning Japanese martial.

In 1979, they finished above to start a judo club also Soderhamn
and membership in the Swedish Budo Federation Judo’s got it in July

Founder Ulf Engman and Eilert Karlsson.

In 1982 Björn Stabo to the club and introduced modern competition judo
as a concept.

1984 took Mikael Karlsson first national championship medal at the Junior Championship in Oxelösund.

Over 100 SM medals
Over 100 SM medals at all levels except the Team Championship club has conquered.
First team men became Christian Shield and Tommy Ståhl.
The latter has also represented Sweden at the Youth Olympic Games in Holland.
Mats Westlund, Stefan Tengström, Joakim Blomqvist, Emma Johansson, Magnus Söderman
and Marcus Holmberg are just some of the club’s most successful.
Marcus has also he competed in the Youth Olympic Games.
Anni Dahlgren and Anna Tylebo been scrubbed good for the price tables too.
Many have competed internationally and its conquered except a hefty stack of
medals at all levels. The club has been competing in the premier league and Division One,
and participated on numerous teams Championship. It also took several Championship medals
with the junior team. Recent national team’s Fredrik Shield.
Lukas Hammarström has cleared in the light boys’ classes over a number of years as well.
The club has also hosted many courses and trainings. Several judges and coaches have been trained in the SCA.
Although the club is so competition-oriented, there is much room for those who do not like to race but think that exercise is fun.
Social interaction is important for all members!